Add stories to your walls, while supporting living artists and with much of our collection dedicated to a cause.  

Our inspiration revolves around community exhibiting culture, building awareness and sharing stories not told enough in mainstream media.

"What a beautiful work to not only capture my life for art, but has meaning tied to a cause."

Erica Reyes
Art Lover from LI

"Great service and very reasonable prices of such quality artwork. I'm now an art collector."

Dave Sukhedo
Queens NY

"Felt this token of love was made just for me! I'm just starting out as an art collector and this was perfect."

Resuma de Castro
designer from NJ

Jasmine R. Castillo

Founder + Curator

Escape Artists provides immersive experiences with unconventional artistry, bringing you a unique platform of creatives that use wood-burning, special effects make-up, wardrobe design, filmmaking, sculpting, video installation and mixed media, focusing on sensory-filled artworks.